Carl’s Corn grows corn, wheat, and soybeans on 4500 acres of land here in Delta County, Texas. We have been farming for 31 years on the Blackland Prairie just north east of Cooper. The latest technology, equipment and varieties of seed are used to give the best quality grain possible to our customers.

We fertilize and plant the corn and soybeans in March and April. Then fertilize again in April or May to get the crops off to a good start. The crops are then monitored during the growing season for insects.

Harvest is started in late July. The corn is harvested with a John Deere Rotary Combine. Samples are taken to test for Aflotoxin to make sure it meets all State requirements of the Texas Department of Agriculture for wildlife food. The corn is then stored in grain bins here on our farm.

I have dealers across North Texas. I sell to the public any time from my farm. We can load your truck or we will deliver a minimum of one pallet (40 bags) 30 miles or less from Cooper at a time. We can deliver larger quantities also. We have 28 ft van trailers which hold 14 pallets if you have a forklift to unload the larger deliveries. Delivery charges may apply.

*I will do everything I can to have the cleanest corn for your wildlife feeders (Deer and Hogs) you can buy!
*Never feed corn that smells like weevils or has mold on it to any animal.
*We are a member of the “Go Texan” program in Texas (products must be grown and processed in the stat of Texas).
*Always ask for Carl’s Corn!